Did You Know?

A licence is not required to drive vehicles (including farm vehicles) on private land as long as the public isn’t allowed access to where the vehicle is being driven.

However, the position on motor insurance for vehicles on private land hasn’t always been quite as clear. That is, until recently.  

Historically, there was no requirement to have motor insurance for vehicles on private land. This changed following a 2014 European Court of Justice (ECJ) decision resulting in what is called “Vnuk law.” The case concerned a Slovenian farmer, Damijan Vnuk, who was knocked off his ladder by a reversing tractor on private land. The ECJ considered the meaning of Article 3 (1) of the First Directive on Motor Insurance, subsequently ruling that compulsory motor insurance was required for vehicles, regardless of whether on public or private land.

Because UK legislation did not reflect Vnuk law, a period of uncertainty followed the ECJ ruling. This uncertainty has been resolved through the Motor Vehicles (Compulsory Insurance) Act, effective 28th June 2022. The act nullifies any retained European Union Law. Going forward, compulsory motor insurance will only be required for a more restricted class of vehicles on a road or public place and doesn’t need to cover vehicles used on private land.

Next Steps

Although compulsory motor insurance isn’t required for vehicles used on private land, it’s essential to check that you’re properly covered in case of an accident. If you regularly use vehicles on private land, contact your insurance broker to ensure you’re covered for accidents or property damage affecting third parties. You may be able to extend an existing motor policy’s cover.

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