The waste and recycling sector is set to grow at a rapid pace over the coming years. UK Waste Management companies are constantly striving to meet the demands of what a changing sector landscape will inevitably impose upon them; environmental pressures, changes in key legislation and a cultural shift in the world’s attitude towards waste management, are all playing a role in this evolution. One thing for certain is that this evolution will not come without its challenges.

An evolving sector means a change to how companies conduct their business; a change in business, means a change in risk.

Kennetts understands the needs of this rapidly changing sector and therefore have placed a central focus on it within our business. Our commitment to give added value sits at the core of what we offer.

One of our core differentiators is the ability to deliver a cost-effective insurance programme to our clients.

Explaining the “risk” to Insurers

Our focus will be on you and your business from day one. We know that every business is different and do not offer a “one size fits all” policy. Our focus and underlying knowledge of the sector will enable us to present your risk accurately to our underwriters; we know what they want to see and how they want it to be presented to them, in order for them to have peace of mind. Providing an underwriter with peace of mind can result in premiums and coverage more fully aligned to your risks.

Knowing what good looks like

As mentioned, presenting our client’s risks to Insurers in the best light is key.

Working with our in-house specialist Risk Managers we work with you to understand the business, identify any problem areas and seek to mitigate or remove the risk.

This process pays dividends. Having already spent time with you on site during the pre-renewal stage, we alleviate any surprises when it comes to placing cover. We aim to anticipate any necessary risk improvements much earlier in the process, and if there is no solution to effectively mitigate against these risks pre-renewal, at the very least you will be prepared for any requirements that may be imposed. Either way, you will be one step ahead.

A strong risk management culture is important as this is what you need to demonstrate when trying to procure the optimum insurance programme. By working with you well ahead of any renewal we will know the right insurer and product for you.

Plastic Recycling / BPF-Approved Broker 

The plastics waste management sector is set to go through significant change and turbulence over the coming decade.

With some countries no longer accepting import of waste plastics in pursuance of their own environmental agendas, and the UK banning the export of certain grades of plastic, UK waste plastics businesses have found themselves at a crossroads. The ‘BPF Plastics Roadmap’ has expressed how important UK-based recycling facilities will be to fulfilling their vision of a “circular economy” for the British plastic consumption. How the UK deals with its waste plastics is evolving…

An evolving sector means a change in the way a company conducts its business; a change in business, means a change in risk. One of our goals will be to work with you to build a risk profile that allows the Insurers to fully understand and rate the true risk as presented.

Claims – Your Liability

Most UK legislation now puts individuals that operate recycling facilities at the centre of culpability. Individuals (or collections thereof) are responsible for events, not companies. This means authorities pursue owners and operators in a personal capacity – your assets and reputation are at stake.

At Kennetts, our Claims Department has first-hand experience of handling major fire losses at Recycling facilities. Our Chartered Loss Adjuster, together with his team, co-ordinate claims handling across the UK. We know the potential for disaster when major losses occur; the molten plastic flow into drains and sewers, the huge clean-up costs, the wider impact on the local environment and the PR issues which this brings – and we can be there throughout to give advice and assistance across the board.

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