We work across all industries taking a pragmatic and robust approach to the claims process from cradle to grave

What We Do

We work across all industries, taking a pragmatic and robust approach to the claims process from cradle to grave. We know how insurers operate and our aim is to make sure you are represented at every exchange with insurers. We know the right questions to ask and what information needs to be disclosed.

We know how to use the information to settle your claim as swiftly as possible and ensure that your policy delivers exactly what you are entitled to.

Our Philosophy

  • Prompt claim discussion to identify strategy
  • Management time reduction in claim preparation
  • Establishing realistic loss estimates to manage expectations
  • Expediting the initial investigations to reduce settlement delay
  • Delivering your policy entitlement
  • Prompt settlement of claim to save time and cost

Our Service

  • Claim quantification and preparation
  • Expedite interim payments to protect cash flow
  • Technical advice at all aspects of the claim process
  • Advice on policy cover
  • Review of claim submission
  • Quantum negotiation
  • Project management
  • Advice on Loss mitigation
  • Risk management to prevent reoccurrence

Why us?

  • We know how insurers operate, the information they need to progress your claim and the best way to present it to ensure a successful outcome.
  • Our professional reputation within the insurance industry ensures a smooth claim lifecycle.
  • We understand the demands and needs of each client and choose the right team to represent them from cradle to grave.

Benefits to Client

  • Swift and efficient claim settlement
  • Policy interpretation and discussion to establish policy coverage and manage expectations
  • Savings on management time and costs to allow the business to run uninterrupted
  • Proactive advice on how to prevent a reoccurrence

To find out more about our Services please contact our Hull office on +44 (0) 148 257 9500 or our Leeds office on +44 (0) 113 244 2288, or fill out the form below: