Claims should not be taken for granted. Each and every claim should be investigated and challenged where applicable.

By controlling claims costs, your insurance premiums may be reduced and you become a more attractive risk to insurers.

Our AIS claims handlers deal with 100 claims per month from multi-million pound property losses, industrial injuries including fatalities to high net worth losses and motor incidents.

By controlling claims costs, your insurance premiums may be reduced and you become a more attractive risk to insurers. Claims should not be taken for granted. Each and every claim should be investigated and challenged where applicable.

How Can Claims Defensibility Help You

The claims defensibility process identifies the common claims brought against an organisation and provides that organisation with guidance to reduce the number and severity of future claims. Combined with other risk management strategies, claims defensibility helps organisations establish a process focused on eliminating or reducing claims before they happen rather than mitigating them after the fact.

Conducting a claims defensibility audit in your organisation can help you recognise:

  • Incidents that can be defended, either completely or partially
  • Fraudulent claims
  • Exaggerated or exacerbated incidents
  • Valid claims with controllable impact

Ineffective claims management may overlook these incidents that lead to unnecessary or overstated claims. This creates a negative cycle in which your organisation is unable to attack the root causes of claims and can only manage claims after they happen.

If you do not investigate claims that your company receives, you may be unwittingly subjected to the same preventable claim over and over. This often results in high payouts, increased legal costs or a potentially tarnished reputation.

Defending Fleet Claims

Kennett Insurance Brokers will work with you to identify and establish any trends in your fleet claims, to highlight areas for improvement and implement new procedures to mitigate loss. This will include a detailed review to include documentation kept on file, Health & Safety Procedures, Human Resource practices and individuals responsible for the fleet management.

We can also pinpoint areas for staff development, delivering training which will strengthen your internal resource. Understanding the way that accidents and claims are managed can help reduce and defend future claims.

We will also share examples of accidents, claims and common pitfalls in an easy to understand manner to help recognize internal issues. Fleet Claims training is recommended for individuals in the business who are responsible for:

  • Fleet Management
  • Insurance
  • Claims
  • Health & Safety
  • Accident Investigations

Claims Auditing

A ‘Claims Audit’ is a review of how your current external supplier and internal resource are handling claims. A lack of proactivity, especially with third party injury claims, can be easily exploited, resulting in an escalation of costs to your business. It is therefore crucial to stay on top of claims and regular reviews of suppliers and internal resource can ensure the process is working like it should.

We will carry out an impartial and independent examination into your claims.

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